Shiba Predator (QOM) Token Enters Bullish Trend Today

  • QOM token popped 202% in 12 hours after lunch on Coinmarketgap
  • Japanese word-based tokens have been trending throughout recent years
  • Shiba Predator’s poor website design

This year we are still facing many crypto tokens with the prefix of Shiba. People aren’t fed up with this name yet. Today we are seeing one of the newly developed Shibas again. Meet Shiba Predator! In 12 hours the token managed to soar over 202% when many newly added coins on Coinmarketcap failed to do that successfully.

Crypto holders are proving now that most of them have watched Japanese cartoons or animes. However, Pokemon or Digimon crypto elements do not seem to conquer the metaverse this year.

One thing I can’t like about this token is we can’t sell, we just buy it for flipping with another Shiba crypto coin according to its website. Wait, the site seems to be built unprofessionally, just look at the buttons of its social profiles. So bad!qom token