Shibnobi Has Strong Ambitions For 2022 To Hitting New Highs

Following the announcement of the network’s 2022 updates, the community was very happy. Its native cryptocurrency, SHINJA, was also doing well. The emergence of meme coins is certainly admirable. Take, for instance, the impact that Dogecoin has had on the crypto market. SHINJA, which is a meme coin that was ranked 2,995 on Shibnobi, is all set to make its debut on various platforms within the next couple of days.

In 2022, the Shibnobi network will introduce its multi-chain swap platform, DojoSwap. The platform is expected to launch in Q2. SHINJA would be listed on various exchanges in January, starting with Probit on January 25. It would then be on the LBank exchange on January 31. The announcement of these listings was made by the Shibnobi Army, which is a group of users that are devoted to the network. SHINJA’s price decreased by almost 6% during the time of writing. Despite this, it managed to maintain amass of over 40k holders since its listing was announced.