SHIB’s Creator Ryoshi Might Be QOM’s Founder, Says VoskCoin

While the SHIB token is blowing up the market with recent news, Shiba Predator is pumping its token with millions of volumes to become a SHIB killer. However, its branding is so awful with the dead dog on the logo. A very famous YouTube channel VoskCoin suspects that the QOM token was released by Shiba Inu’s creator Ryoshi to replace his own SHIB project.

On daily volume, QOM is reaching $1.56 million in a short period. This is so suspicious when other tokens can’t even get a $100k volume in a year even though they injected millions of US dollars in commercial activities. Shiba Predator has a primitive website with a horrible logo and design without a promising whitepaper.

Let’s see who is backing the token. Seeing Ryoshi’s profile on Medium we clearly notice he disappeared a year ago after he posted a big text with strong words like; “I have said from the beginning, I am a nobody, I am not important. The efforts to unmask my “identity” even if successful would be underwhelming. I am just some guy of no consequence tapping at a keyboard and I am replaceable. I am Ryoshi.”

Some days ago Ryuoshi has changed his profile picture on Medium. There is a falcon or eagle in his picture. If it was a dog, we might think that he still supports his SHIB token. Kodai seems to be a disciple of Ryoshi as he has more or less likely the same philosophy as SHIB’s creator. How could a meme token become a multimillion volume having a project with no value-adding projects? Kodai and Ryoshi are obviously whales who have millions of dollars that can turn even dead tokens into liquid assets overnight.

Source: VoskCoin via YT

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