Shiburai Crashes The Markets With High Speed

Shiburai is a community-based project. Shiburai’s holder base determines the direction of the project, by submitting proposals to the voters via Blockchain, and voting on the proposals with Shiburai token.

To make sure the project is aligned with the holders’ interests, the team will implement mechanisms that allow to regularly rebalance the funds, taking into account each proposal’s voting weight. This will ensure that funds are distributed according to the current community sentiment.

The goal is to avoid having large entities holding a disproportionate amount of the funds, while still giving them an incentive to contribute. The exact implementation will be detailed in a later post. To make sure the team and voters are aligned with the holders’ interests, each holder will have the ability to submit proposals and vote on other proposals directly from their wallets.

Proposals can be submitted by anyone and include team compensation and hiring decisions, staking protocol rules, dividend policy, risk management strategy, financial disclosures for investors and the public.