Should You Buy Akash Network Token Today?

Akash Network is bringing blockchain to cloud-based computing. Akash Network (AKT) is the 260th most prominent cryptocurrency globally by market cap, valued at $303,300,616. The current price of Akash Network is $2.71, which is up significantly 6.5% in the last 24 hours. Since last year the price has reached over 710.8%, while the trading volume represented $2,974,145. Earlier, the team told its community if anyone creates the best app that integrates the Filebase and Akash, it will receive a prize fund of $10,000 in $AKT and $250 for the available object storage.

In accordance, yesterday, it was published the results and were submitted about 16 projects within two months. The organization also selected three of the best and most creative works: QR-Share by zjor, Akash Filebase AI/ML DeCloud Platform by SpacePotato, and finally, the first place is The Akashian Public Library by Rodrigo Rochin. On the website of Akashian Public Library, anyone can find fascinating copyrights. It contains free books, comics, documents, videos, and information, and free access to the library.