Should You Buy Gold In November 2019?

As the housing market performs poorly there is a fear in the recession of stock markets although U.S – China trade talks are becoming warm. Last year’s November gave a downtrend of gold prices. Looking closely at December of 2018 we can see a little progress for prices. The last winter became a rising season for the gold market. For safeguarding the wealth people try to invest in precious metals for a while. But for 4 months term, one may increase the capital by at least 5% if the last season’s scenario repeats. Most probably 2020 will open the door to a global financial crisis as the U.S housing market is promising no hope for real estate investors.

Smart investors are always ready for changes. For instance, they keep their wealth in gold until the financial crisis. Meaning that they wait for the cheapest price of houses which banks sell with terrible market prices. Within five years later they accumulate serious wealth by speculating in the real estate field.

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While fiat money depreciates the smart investors keep their wealth in precious metals. Head over to this link to learn why investing in precious metals will save your wealth from inflation and the next financial crisis.

Alex Krakowsky

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