Should You Sell Kidpik (PIK) Stock Before Price Correction?

  • PIK stock is soaring crazily for just a collaboration
  • Not really promising stock
  • Kidpik can’t be competitive now

Kidpik (PIK) has just become a hot stock today for just collaborating with Disney+ to celebrate Disney’s Cheaper by the Dozen, a film to be on stream on December 8, 2022. Right now PIK shares are at $5.25 but were closed at $1.84 on Wednesday. More than 130 million shares are taking part as a daily volume in pushing the stock up to the current price.

The stock seems isn’t promising enough for its negative -1.09 EPS. Kidpik operates as an online store for kids while gigantic giants have swallowed the niche long years ago. Only one advantage, a surprise subscription box gives a competitive edge but other stores may apply this technique any time by unintentionally beating Kidpik.

Next trading session the stock may go for corrections by declining towards $3 or $2 values. So losing significant points for PIK shares bring no event at all.pik stock