Siacoin Sharply Climbs Almost 7,7% Today: What Is Happening?

Today, the crypto reached a value of 0.01929215 in the price chart. Siacoin (SC) trading at $0.0085 on February 4. After that, the token continued its bullish trend and today reached $0.022, which means an increase of 158% in about a month and a half. On February 11, Skynet Labs and Streamed entered into a partnership to return control of content to creators. The content uploaded via Streamed will be stored on a decentralized Skynet platform built on the basis of Siacoin. This ensures that the content cannot be deployed and hacked, as it is stored worldwide under the protection of the blockchain.

What Is Siacoin Growing Twice In One Week? - Somag News In addition, more interest and speculation was caused by the fact that on March 15, Sia tweeted about the creators of TikTok and their earnings, and then teased in order not to miss the big announcements this week. Although rumors tend to drive up prices, traders should be careful because if the announcement does not meet the requirements, speculators can dump their assets. Siacoin (SC) is in a strong uptrend, continuing to grow without showing any signs of exhaustion. This implies high demand at all higher levels. However, the rally of the last few days has pushed the RSI above 82, which indicates that the token is overbought in the short term.