SmartChem Launches Token That Will Fight For Climate Change With Eco Products

The use of harsh chemicals in the industrial cleaning market has a significant ecological impact. SmartChem is a company that uses intelligent fluids to remove grease, dirt, and grime from household products. Its products are eco-friendly and are made with no harmful chemicals. The SmartMAC utility token is used by Smartchem as its main utility token. Its purpose is to act as a part of the company’s Change2Green campaign. Other blockchain-based tokens are only intended to incite financial impact. SMAC is a token that can be redeemed for any cleaning product sold on the SmartChem platform.

SMAC holders can also increase their wealth by taking advantage of the SMAC reward vouchers. They also support the environment by choosing eco-friendly products. Smartchem’s intelligent fluids are made from a patented technology that eliminates harmful chemicals from cleaning products. Instead of reacting with the dirt, the cleaning liquids have a physical cleaning effect. It effectively removes all kinds of unwanted substances without harming the surface.