Snakes and Lattes (FUNN) Stock Attempts To Breakout

Ticker symbol FUNN has served Amfil Technologies for a quite long time but today we see the stock is registered under Snakes & Lattes, a company that runs four tabletop gaming bars and cafes. Last Friday FUNN surged 23.91% on over 2.7 million shares while the majority of stocks were tanking on Nasdaq.

FUNN stock has a substantial future

Two days ago Snakes & Lattes announced it will be serving Mr. Beast Burgers, a YouTuber with 92.9 million subscribers in two beta locations through a partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts. Such collaboration is the engine for Snakes & Lattes to expand its operations in the multimillion U.S market. If it continues with success FUNN will keep jumping and may surpass $1 soon.

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