Soaring Stock To Consider: Corvus Pharmaceuticals

Corvus Pharmaceuticals’s Stock (NASDAQ: CRVS) surged 5.38% to $2.74 but the daily volume could not surpass its average volume of 132,006 shares.

Because of initiating Clinical Trial of Novel Immunotherapy for Patients with COVID-19 CRVS is soaring 106.57% premarket passing by $5 line. This stock could be a nice trampoline for quick return focused traders as it is still penny stock that could be bought in bulks.

The majority of COVID-19 fighting biotech corporations’ stocks are surging due to speculation. Their revenues are still not enough to cover all their costs and expenses. Therefore, long term investors mostly stay away from them. But experienced and speculative traders could get quickly high margins.

Perhaps little extra funds could be invested into this stock so losing them will not bring any sadness and burden.