Social Life Network (WDLF) Stock Gains Momentum: How to Trade Now?

The Technology Business Incubator has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years owing to the rise of startups and Social Life Network Inc (OTC: WDLF) is one of the operators in that space.

On Tuesday, the stock soared by as high as 16% in reaction to development on Monday. On Monday, the company had announced that it made a complaint worth $40,000,000 against a funder of convertible debt. The company alleged that the funder had violated several federal securities laws.

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Interested parties can actually take a look at the full details of the complaint on the Social Life Network website. The Chief Executive Officer of Social Life Network Ken Tapp stated that the company has been working on this complaint for many months. He went on to state that the activities of the convertible debt funder had caused damage to the company’s shareholders as well. Investors could consider following the development in relation to this complaint over the coming weeks.

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