Solana (SOL) Restarts After Massive Outage: What’s Going On With The Price?

In the twenty-four-hourly chart, we can see the value of the token has decreased by 2%. In the first hours, it plummeted, which ultimately fell to $ 145.28. It is caused by the fact that the new blocks haven’t been released in the cryptocurrency blockchain for over 16 hours. But then, fortunately, it returned to its previous values. The worth rose to $ 163.27, after a while it surged $ 165.11, totalizing profit of 14%. The current price is $ 157.71. It Has a Market Cap of $47,005,754,580.
2021 - Solana (SOL) takes off - data oracle Pyth Network goes into operationThe developers explained that the beta version of the core network faced with high transaction load, which peaked at 400,000 transactions per second. The engineers tried to stabilize it, but since the results were unsuccessful, they decided to restart. The issues on Tuesday meant that other crypto protocols, constructed on the basis of blockchain Solana, had problems connecting to the network. This includes Pyth, one of the most popular applications, which feeds DeFi projects price data on stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other assets received from some of the world’s largest trading companies, such as Jump Trading Group, Virtu Financial, and DRW Holdings LLC.

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