Solana’s Yaku Corp, Dream Apes, Shizen Orochi, Wild Fat Cats, Otaku Origins NFTs Getting Big Public Attention

Solana follows Ethereum for having a huge number of NFTs. Today we witness it is having top 5 NFTs that might explode soon. Each of them has a solid number of followers and fan base that indicate their upcoming debuts could be successful. So let’s start from Yaku Corp.

Yaku Corp

The NFT will be minting on Feb 15, it is actually a CyberPunk metaverse across the Solana eco-system. This project looks super authentic and cool in terms of creativity when I look at its website. We can see there, capsules which can be appartments where we can look around and see NFTs hung up on the walls. Overthere motorbikes are seen and will be played in the game while racing. Surely, there are avatars as well. So three mints will take part here; capsules, motorcycles, and avatars.

Dream Apes

The second on the list is Dream Apes which has 4888 units integrating to real-life physical store staking, breeding, and certified community wallet. They have a simple and cute website that has access to the community that supports over 1000 unique attributes. There is a roadmap with several phases that has a launching date on the 18th of Feb. It’s so real-life-focused NFT that has plans in June 2022 to open coffee shops and merchandise stores.

Shizen Orochi

The third project comes in the Japanese name. Limited 2222 units are staking and earning ORO tokens. Its mint date comes on Feb 15 at 5 pm UTC. The discord will be open to the public soon. Its website isn’t available yet. So we can’t talk about it further.

Wild Fat Cats

The number four project that will explode soon is about too much weight having cats that love the only wilderness. Minting will start on Feb 17 after the talented team will finish prepping them in Solana’s ecosystem. 7777 Wild Fat Cats will be available with 100 attributes. After setting a fair price WFC may get extremely popular again.

Otaku Origins

Inspired by anime-based characters Otaku Origins tokens are coming up on Feb 16 with total menting units of 5000. The first pre-sale is finished already by selling all the anticipated tokens. We are all sure that the NFT will be sold out faster than the planned time and pricing will be fair to be kept in everyone’s wallet. Get the best GPUs to mine crypto and minimize your investment risk.