Solanium (SLIM) Pops 9%: What Is The Reason For The Growth?

Within 24 hours, the value of the token surged. Until noon, the price had been increasing, eventually growing by almost $ 2, to $ 4.22. In the following hours, the cost plummeted to $ 2.51, totalizing a loss of 40%. Then it recovered and it is now $ 3.63. Trading Volume is $12,164,064. Solanium is the Solana blockchain platform. Its mission is to make Solana available to all, with special emphasis on UI / UX, as well as strong partnerships and integration in the Solana ecosystem
The reasons for growth were active investments in these large hedge funds and an increase in the number of market participants, which is already approaching 300 million. In addition to investments, the growth of Bitcoin prices contributes to the expansion of its use in a variety of online services. Furthermore, improving in the news background around Bitcoin in recent months, a positive impact on the growth of prices “cryptocurrency”: for example, Tesla has ceased to abandon the use of tokens for payments, and technology company MicroStrategy continues to invest in the most popular cryptocurrency.