Solmon Ape NFT Project Offers 100% Staking Revenue Share

Solmon is going to be a 100 revenue-sharing NFT marketplace powered on the Solana blockchain and we got some cute little 3d monkeys that I’m excited about.

Let’s dive into it well Solman is a 100 revenue-sharing NFT marketplace on Solana that makes trading and investing in NFTs easy and reliable with rewarding traders, collectors, and creators for participating on the platform. Essentially an all-in-one marketplace for all your due diligence over on the NFT ecosystem. The Solmon Ape NFT collection is going to be 3000 NFTs with utility backing every single one of the holders of this project with some beautiful 3d rendered art of over 50 different attributes. These things look sick and they’re packed with the full marketplace and utility behind them. So one state NFT is going to negate you 25 percent of fees. Three state entities are going to negate fifty percent of fees. Five staked 75 percent and 10 state is completely free. You pay zero fees on top of all that you will need to go ahead and stake the Solmon Ape.

By doing so you’ll actually earn the Solmon tokens. Each NFT owner can go ahead and stake their NFts to get daily insurance of the Solmon token. This would be a total supply of 100 million tokens that are allocated for the holders of the Solmon. This amount of 100 million tokens will be distributed over 800 days so we’ve got a nice little foolproof 800-day plan. Every single day 125 000 of these tokens will be released back to the NFT holders that are staking their NFTs well.

On 10th March Solmon NFTs will be ready for minting so the buyers will have a chance to trade their bought non-fungible tokens later on. By the way, the project will have its own token which will be released this summer.