SOLVE Token Soars: What’s Such An Instant Growth Of SOLVE Based On?

Solve.Care is a global healthcare blockchain technology company that aims to solve big problems in the field of health care. SOLVE token is a service token that is used for on-net payments and transaction fees, lacing stakes, payments on marketplaces, and platform access fees. In just an hour, the cost of SOLVE soared 82.5% to $ 0.149.

Within 23 hours, the token was traded at $ 0.0816. According to market stats, it has a trading volume of $50,497,743, and a market cap of $38,569,318.

Solve.Care changed the token name to SOLVE! | Solve.CareWhat is such an instant growth of the token based on? Probably, this was facilitated by the news of a breathtaking partnership. The company said it will provide full details on this on October 26th. Before that, Solve.Care wants to organize a competition in which every day until October 26 will give hints so that participants can guess what kind of partnership it is.