Somdej Aims To Help Millions With Its Amulet Coin

Somdej is a blockchain-based token that enables charitable organizations to raise funds through the use of digital amulets. Somdejcoin is a cryptocurrency that aims to promote social assistance and philanthropy. Its decentralized nature and the combination of blockchain and encryption has made it possible to contribute globally. Only 66,186,727 Somdejcoins were produced since its launch. Its decentralized nature and transparent auditing make it possible to donate.

Somdejcoin is currently accepted to trade on international exchanges such as Hotbit and Pancakeswap. The team aims to bring digital Somdejcoins to the Thai market in order to give local and international investors the opportunity to support charitable organizations. To support this endeavor, Digital Somdej Coin will charge a 3% fee every time a transaction is made. The money will be used for charitable purposes and social aid, and it will be collected by other charitable organizations. Due to the nature of transactions, a 3% fee will be charged on each transaction. This will reduce the amount of SDC that can be used to support charitable organizations.