Sonim (SONM) Stock Heats Up After Its Smartphone Can Work With Microsoft Team Enabling Walkie Talkie Feature

  • Sudden SONM shares are jumping amid new XP8 smartphone’s feature
  • SONM is one of the few tech stocks that move on the announcement regarding their smart devices
  • The penny SONM stock is a nice opportunity to invest unless it cannot end its cash-burning period

On Monday Sonim (SONM) shares closed at $0.60 when most stocks were mixing in moves. Three hours ago Sonim announced the XP8 smartphone has employed its PTT button via Walkie Talkie integration with Microsoft Team. That’s why SONM is soaring 57% nearly surpassing the $1 mark today.

Just like Apple, Google, Sony, Sonim share prices have been dependent on valuable updates from the development of its devices. Meaning that only tech-oriented investors can assess its potential for their portfolio.

Trading under $1 value gives a big opportunity for SONM holders although they are risking their hard-earned physical cash. By the way, SONM has negative EPS and failed to beat Q3 2021 earnings.Sonim XP8 | Logic Wireless