How You Can Watch the Sony PlayStation Showcase 2022?

The Xbox and the PlayStation are as big as rivals can get in the gaming console industry. Both have produced hugely popular and globally acclaimed gaming console systems. Both have a dedicated following among gamers all over the globe. And with easily available Cox internet deals, However, 2022 has been a quiet year for Sony so far, whereas Microsoft has hosted more than one showcase event this year. However, it now seems this could merely have been the calm before the storm, as Sony prepares to unveil the future of the PlayStation 5. Here’s everything you need to know about the most talked-about event in gaming circles this year.

“The Future of PS5” – Sony’s 2022 Showcase Event

As an electronics manufacturer, Sony has already earned a name for itself through the superior quality of its home appliances. But nothing has turned Sony into a household name like the Sony PlayStation. The first PlayStation was a revolutionary step in gaming and home entertainment. And since then, Sony has continued to make huge strides in the field. The last version, the PlayStation 4, or PS4 as we all know it, was an acclaimed success. It was by far one of the best-selling consoles ever made.

The PS4 had a long and illustrious run as one of the world’s most popular gaming devices. It left a very large pair of shoes for its successor to fill. But true to form, the newest iteration, called the PS5, does all of that and more. The 40-minute live showcase event, however, is not about the already-released PS5. Instead, it focuses more on the future of the console, and what PS5 gamers can expect in the future.

Games We May See Making an Appearance

The PlayStation 5 is expected to see several new updates and releases from various PlayStation Studios. But what games can we reasonably expect to make an appearance during the event? PlayStation-only titles like Horizon: Forbidden West may likely get some screentime. But that’s not exactly the game everyone is waiting for. Instead, gamers are anxious for a trailer to the latest addition to the Free Fire Name franchise. If we’re lucky, we may even get to see actual gameplay, not just cinematic trailers. But Free Fire Name isn’t the only title PS5 gamers want to hear about. There are plenty of rumours about getting more information on long-running titles like GTA and Gran Turismo 7.

New Firmware and Hardware?

What we know about new firmware and hardware upgrades is far less certain than the games we can expect to see. Sony has long been working on a new addition to the PS5 firmware. One that can make the M.2 SSD port that comes with all new consoles functional. However, the company remains silent on whether this will happen soon. However, you can be sure you will not see anything about the upcoming PSVR hardware. For now, the company has indicated this hardware will not be part of the stream.

How and Where to Watch the Event?

Finally, where do you get to watch the PS5 event? The event is slated to last for around 40 minutes, and will most likely be a live stream. That means it should be available to a much larger audience than many comparable events. The event will stream on two of the most popular video streaming platforms in the world: YouTube and Twitch.

YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming platform, as well as the world’s second-largest search engine. With billions of users, you can expect the stream to be packed with both casual users as well as dedicated gamers. Twitch, however, has a far more niche userbase. Being the only game streaming platform of note has elevated Twitch to unparalleled fame among the gaming community. The ecosystem isn’t just inhabited by streamers and viewers, but also sponsors, game studios, and even tournament events.


If you’re a true PlayStation user, you don’t want to miss out on the event coming up. Be sure to tune in on time, so you don’t miss anything groundbreaking that Sony may unveil. We can only make educated guesses as to the content of the upcoming event. But no matter how educated, they are still only guesses. Only Sony currently knows exactly what it will choose to share with the PS5 gaming community.