Sony PS5 Pro Latest Leaked Specs Include 54 Compute Unit RDNA4 Graphics, 5nm Process Node Plus Double The Performance Of PS5

Sony is planning to upgrade it’s current PS5 console specifications making PS5 Pro branding to compete against Xbox Series X for the next two years according to prominent tech enthusiast Moore’s Law Is Dead YT channel. Chief Editor of this channel is Tom who has been working hard informing tech world with trusted insider leaks.

Main spice of PS5 Pro would be a whopping 54 Compute Unit (CU) based Graphics Processing Unit or GPU built on AMD’s RDNA4 architecture. Yet, the staggering pipeline of PS5 will also increase up to 96 Render Output Unit (ROPs). Current vanilla PS5 uses only 36 RDNA2 CUs and 64 ROPs.  Furthermore, Sony’s AMD SoC intends to get shrunk from 7nm down to 5nm process node enhanced by TSMC’s technology.

Overall, Tom gives a rough prediction on gaming performance which will be doubled compared to current PS5 model due to 5nm process technology magic that gives twice the power efficiency and 2x or 3x better performance on 54 CUs. Let’s take this leak with a grain of salt, but patiently wait till Tom’s confirmed 2023 or later official PS5 Pro release.

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Source: Moore’s Law Is Dead Via YT

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