SOS Limited (SOS) Stock Jumps 15%: What’s Your Move?

SOS Limited shows great results for the last 2 days. From July 15 to July 20 the SOS Limited stock has been declining passively, sinking from $2.63 to $2.33. But on July 20 it started to jump with the good intention of hitting the market, and it did. The stock surges 11.43% in the last trading session and is jumping 15% in the pre-market. This penny stock is showing good potential for rising. The market capitalization equals $510.849 million.

It specializes in data mining and analysis, marketing, and emergency rescue services for China’s insurance companies, hospitals, and individuals. SOS is a cloud-based emergency rescue service platform that offers various cloud-based products and services. These include medical rescue, auto rescue, and life rescue cards. It also operates an information rescue center and other cloud systems.

SOS Limited is a provider of emergency rescue services. It also focuses on blockchain-based insurance and security management businesses. SOS Limited is a China-based company that provides emergency rescue services. It serves various industries such as hospitals, insurance companies, and financial institutions.

Michael Rowels

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