Sphere 3D (ANY) Drops: What Should You Know?

The stock was slowly trading at $6.55 starting from October 6 to October 8 with small volatility. After, it started to surge and reached $8.27 for today, which is the highest one during the last 5 days.

The market capitalization of ANY is more than $486.941 million while the total volume is approximately 72,152,649 shares. Some time ago, Sphere 3D Corporation made an announcement that it has paid more than $85 million for the last obtaining of 60,000 bitcoin mining.

It has acquired 60,000 Antminer S19j Pros which is considered as one of the leading miners in the market. After some changes of the miners that were provided, it is implied that the company will be able the get extra capacity compared to the announced previous ones. Additionally, it was announced that after the completing merger with Gryphon Digital Mining, the joint companies will have approximately 6.7 exahash and they will be able to generate more than 1,300 bitcoin every month.