Splinterlands Makes An Outstanding Move: A Bullish Move?

In the last 24 hours, Splinterlands (SPS) has been climbing impressively by 22%. Currently, the market is open at $0.617788 with a $92,112,866 market cap. The Splinterlands team released the Splintershards token (SPS) on July 26. Splinterlands is a blockchain-based digital collectible card game inspired by games like Magic the Gathering и Hearthstone.

Players collect a collection of cards with various attributes and fight other players in skill-based matches.

In accordance, given the recent updates, the platform has held many tournaments to earn while playing. The tournaments were both official and sponsored by the community, so this attracted the attention of users, which could lead to a jump in prices.

Nevertheless, the price jump last week was a pleasant surprise for users. Because of constant developments and updates, SPS may soon reach a new record level. Splintershards is one of such tokens, which grown by 111% in a week.