Stacks Are Headed Into The New Future Of Scaling

Contrary to popular belief, blockchains do not scale. There are always tradeoffs between speed and decentralization. In the case of Stacks, there are very specific decisions that have to be made in order to ensure decentralization and security. These decisions have to be made in order to get the most out of the blockchain. Despite the fact that blockchains can’t scale, they can still make their own security and speed tradeoffs. In this regard, the Stacks ecosystem has launched a number of tools that allow developers to make their own decisions.

One thing to keep in mind is that the ideal tradeoff for one application may not be ideal for another. For instance, an NFT marketplace might not be able to provide an appropriate DEX. The current network is currently running at an artificially low capacity due to its cost functions. By removing these constraints, it can give current builders more flexibility and reduce congestion. Early research by Hiro developers suggests that builders can get around this bottleneck by taking advantage of more optimized cost functions.