Starstream Entertainment/FaceTime Promotions (SSET) Hits New Record Highs This Year

Most of the OTC market involved stock do not usually have their own websites and typical investor feels unsafe to invest in them. Nevertheless, on social networks, they are easy to find, for example, Starstream Entertainment/FaceTime Promotions (OTC: SSET) for being active on Twitter, FB, and Insta could attract a pretty nice amount of buyers who pushed the stock to $0.22 from $0.0280 on billions of shares within two recent months of 2021.

Starstream Entertainment/FaceTime Promotions (SSET) Hits New Record Highs This Year

Using the brand name FaceTime Promotions SSET shares are quite prominent among celebrities and new talents who can buy them anytime. The entertainment business is very vast and has hundreds of segments to find good revenue sources. Therefore, SSET has been thriving to get as many revenue channels as possible to increase the net income of investors.

Any business needs popular celebrities to become their own brand ambassadors or social influencers. Right now TV isn’t so suitable advertising place to attract customers while Youtubers and bloggers are showing very huge buzz that really drives real clients for each relevant service or product. The recent interest of new investors in SSET shares has truly been brought by the Internet-based ads. We may conclude that FaceTime Promotions is on the right track to expand its business.


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