Steam Deck Does 1200 H/s CPU Mining Monero Crypto Coin Via XMRig Linux Miner

Steam Deck can mine Monero privacy coin via Linux based XMRig miner software at a whopping 1200 H/s speed while consuming around 100W.

Steam Deck Does 1200 H/s CPU Mining Monero

Veteran crypto mining tech channel Son Of A Tech could unlock CPU mining features of Steam Desk via a simple XMRig miner with minor tweaking in json file where 8 threads of custom Zen2 chip by AMD fully run 100%. To run XMRig miner you just have to switch on to Desktop mode in Steam Deck and download it’s latest from Github.

unlock 8 threads steam deck for monero mining

Before making a journey into CPU mining you have to also set your custom password in Steam Deck’s konsole configurations to takeover full authority over XMRig. Thanks to AMD’s open source initiative with Linux which contributed full CPU configuration similar to RX 5000 GPUs.

1200 hs monero mining on steam deck

Power draw from the wall is uncertain as per Son Of A Tech stated that you can mine using battery power or directly from docking. Around 100W consumption is amazing efficiency comparing to desktop Intel or AMD CPUs. It would be more interesting if crypto community sees Raptoreum mining on Steam Deck too. Beware that battery lifespan of Steam Deck may reduce faster on full CPU load.

Source: Son Of A Tech Via YT