Steemit Announces New Updates On Its Academy Courses

Week 2 of Season 6 of Steemit Crypto Academy is heading towards launch. This week’s course is “Crypto Trading” and it’s free to everyone. This season, there are no separate levels, and everyone is free to do anything they want as long as they meet the requirements of the Crypto Academy. Steem is a blockchain platform that enables communities to build and interact with cryptocurrency rewards. Its goal is to create a fair accounting system that reflects everyone’s contribution. An important aspect of a fair accounting system is that it consistently reflects the contributions of everyone.

The protocol is a publicly-available blockchain that enables users to interact with each other and earn in return. It uses blockchain technology to provide users with value. Add-on best picked GPUs for mining. Steemit is the first app built on Steem. The live Steem price is currently around $0.343546 with a 24-hour trading volume of $8,040,971. Its last 24 hours volatility is 2.80%.