Stellantis Is Now Finished With Investing In Breakthrough Battery Technology

Stellantis has participated in a Series D funding for Factorial Energy, which will accelerate the company’s commercialization of its solid-state battery technology. The company’s CEO said that Stellantis is fully focused on accelerating its electrification journey, with the launch of 33 new electric vehicles by the end of 2018. Stellantis’ goal is to deliver a solid-state battery that’s capable of meeting the stringent requirements of today’s automobiles by 2026. The company aims to build the production facility in New England to enable it to scale up and produce large format cells. Following the successful development of its first 40 Amp-hour battery in 2021, the company has started to receive extensive validation.


Factorial’s solid-state battery technology offers a high level of safety and extended driving range, which are key factors that consumers will want to consider when choosing an automobile battery. The company has signed Joint Development Agreements with leading global automobile manufacturers to commercialize its batteries. The technology is based on its FESTTM system, which features a safe and reliable solid electrolyte material. Earlier this year, it became the first company to reach the 40A benchmark.