Stellar Marks One Year Of USD Coin On The Network

One year after the introduction of USD Coin, the digital currency has become one of the fastest-growing digital currencies in the world through Stellar Network. USDC’s rapid emergence enabled more developers and organizations to integrate it into their offerings.

The Vibrant wallet makes it easier for users in Argentina to buy and hold USDC without having to spend much money. Since transactions on Stellar can settle in a few seconds, users can easily convert their Argentine pesos into USDC. Stellar is an environment that enables anyone to trade any asset with ease. Its decentralized nature and the ability to issue non-fungible tokens make it an ideal platform for issuing NFTs.

Many creators and NFT artists have started using Stellar to create and trade their NFTs. The Litemint marketplace displays monthly sales volume and top sales. USDC can be used to purchase or hold on Stellar through various anchor systems. Get to see best mining GPUs in 2022. Liquid, a leading Asian cryptocurrency exchange, has officially recognized Stellar as the top USDC stablecoin. Okcoin, a fast-growing exchange, became the first US-based exchange to allow users to deposit and withdraw USDC using Stellar.