Stellar Slowly Surges Towards $1 To Break January 2018 Record

In 24 hours 9.3383 million operations have been completed with active 51,090 accounts on 18.213 million volume inside Stellar blockchain. Since March 7, 2022, XLM has started gaining on a daily basis. Not much growth is seen from the coin this week but monthly it is going to be one of the bullish cryptos. Stellar is still trending in searches of marketplaces and search engines.

There are dozens of projects built on Stellar such as MoneyGram, Circle, Paysapp, and many more. P2P money transfer service MoneyGram is an old good way to move your money through borders. Right now it is upgraded with Stellar’s blockchain system to send and receive funds instantly. While using USDC as medium Circle is also partnering with Stellar but Paysapp is doing greater good for Whatsapp users for crypto operations.

In 2018 Stellar was riding four times higher than now but that price wasn’t a brick to grow Stellar continuously. Three years later XLM could bounce again but not higher than the previous $0.8962. Buying a comprehensive coin is the smartest diversification method to grow your savings. The next bump is surely coming as the developers are not relaxing and ready to make Stellar have more competitive advantages. For sure in two years it may happen.

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