Stellar (XLM) Coin Enters Breakout Zone This Month

Stellar was just born in 2017 when Bitcoin had faced a downturn. In 2018 XLM could soar crazily as buyers saw potential in the coin’s blockchain ecosystem. To this day Stellar is still one of the cheap and trending coins available in almost every crypto marketplace.

Every coin has its ups and downs so Stellar isn’t an exception here. In both 2019 and 2020, XLM couldn’t make any bumps like in 2018 by rocketing to $0.90 on a $440 million volume. Unfortunately, the coin had no chance to rise before the pandemic when the majority of crypto coins soared and blasted off like never before. However, XLM took a clear opportunity to skyrocket to $0.73 from $0.0711 in 2021.

This week Stellar takes off from $0.1811 to today’s $0.2119, meaning that a short-term bullish trend seems to appear now. But in long run, the coin might fall again. Its solid community of 745k Twitter followers gives pretty strong confidence now.

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