Stepn (GMT) Token Comes Near $3 Mark: Time to Buy and Never Sell?

Stepn is overwhelmed by the huge demand for GMT tokens as people are realizing they can earn them while walking, running, and trading. New users are queuing up for getting the sneakers and running shoes as the developers are running out of time to register them and send their orders in time. GMT price is artificially pulled to the current $2.60. If Stepn was ready for the massive signups GMT token would trade now above $260.

GMT to climb higher

When new and existing users will have an opportunity to rent the shoes the token price will start hiking. That’s why you buy GMT tokens as many as you can and keep them for $2000 value maybe. Don’t worry if you couldn’t get the sneakers or buy the tokens today, be sure in upcoming months its competitors will appear like mushrooms after a long rainfall. However, GMT will be like BTC and its competitors will be ETH or SOL.

stepn gmt