Stilton Musk Coin Is Now On CoinMarketCap Surging Over 500 Percent

A new digital asset called STILTON is being launched on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the first digital currency to be created and maintained by an actual company, rather than a foundation or some other kind of centralized organization. STILTON is going to be used in a new loyalty program for the Stilton brand of cheese products. The rewards will be distributed in the form of STILTON tokens that people can use to pay for products at participating retailers, or traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

As a first step in the implementation of this new program, the parent company has already signed an agreement with VeChain to provide supply chain tracking services for all of its products. The token has everything needed for great performance, starting from a well-experienced team to certification from Elon Musk. The partnership will be implemented on the VeChainThor blockchain platform and is expected to be fully functional by the end of 2022.