StoneCo (STNE) Is The Best Stock To Buy, According To Billionaire James Dyson

Today, the price in the pre-market has increased by 1.39% and is worth $37.83. Over the last trading session, StoneCo stock has increased by 16.41% and was trading at $37.31. According to billionaire James Dinan, STNE ranks eighth on the list of the finest tech stocks to purchase. It is a technology business that primarily delivers financial technology solutions to its customers. The company offers a full e-commerce cloud technology platform.

STNE is one of York Capital’s most recent purchases, with the hedge fund paying more than $3.4 million for 51,479 shares in Q2 2021. The firm makes up 0.38% of the 13F hedge fund’s holdings. StoneCo was rated ‘Outperform’ by Evercore ISI in August, with a target price of $84. StoneCo (STNE) reported revenue of 613.4 million reais in the second quarter of 2021, with total payments reaching R$60.4 billion, a 58.6% increase over the previous quarter. StoneCo (STONE) is owned by 44 hedge funds tracked by InsiderMonkey as of Q2 2021, up from 39 the previous quarter. The total value of these bids is expected to be $2.73 billion.