Strategic Partnership Goals Between ShoeFy And ArcadeNetwork

ShoeFy has entered the top 3 metaverse cryptocurrencies that have risen today. Along with Metastrike (MTS) and Netvrk (NTVRK), SHOE is up 65.1% as of 10 p.m. January 27. On January 26, a three-month low of $0.05 was recorded, after which the price rushed up.

With a market capitalization of $847,510, this project is ranked #1804 in size according to CMC. ShoeFy is a decentralized platform with FT and NFT, which also describes itself as a futuristic NFT project, with the most necessary DeFi tools to increase profits. The platform has 2 tokens-SHOE and sNFTs. The first, its native token, is used as the main currency with which sNFTs can be purchased.


ShoeFy has partnered with Arcade Network to achieve common goals. ArcadeNetwork is also a decentralized platform, but larger and based on Polygon. It creates new possibilities for gaming metaverses. This collaboration will help provide new use cases for NFT utilities, NFT Gaming, and passive income for NFTs. ShoeFy will create NFT shoes. Arcade Network users will be able to stake NFTs on ShoeFy DeFi in order to generate passive income.