StrikeForce Technologies (SFOR) Gets Lively in December

There were rumors about Zoom’s insecure platform which directly collects data for the Chinese Communist party and even has no modern technology to secure the conference from third parties. Therefore, constantly improving competitors like Skype, Zoho, Facetime, Webex, Hangouts, and others are offering the most possibly safe rooms although the majority of users still prefer Zoom.

So, StrikeForce (OTC: SFOR) has come out with a solution that provides clipboard, audio out, microphone, camera, keyboard, meeting authorization, push & biometric authentication, out-of-band phone authentication, encrypted audio & video, passcode OTP, and meeting password protections which are currently hard to find in most of the conferencing platforms.

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Before December 8 SFOR had been a dead stock which had zero change in routine trading days. The large public is waiting for December 18th, 2020 when the new SafeVchat will be live to protect the privacy of millions. Hence, SFOR will keep surging till that day. If the product is really secure and high quality the stock will skyrocket in a couple of months. So, buying thousands of SFO shares now could be a portal to the next wealthy life.

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Anthony Gonzales

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