Sunny Side Up Now Comes Onto Solana Network With Great Earning Opportunities

Sunny Side Up is a DeFi protocol that enables users to earn rewards through staking. The Sunny Side Up token started as a simple way to earn rewards, but now it is branching out to create more opportunities for users. When the users stake, they will receive a set of SOL tokens, which will correspond to the amount of SOL they staked. The more SOL tokens they have, the more tokens will increase. After depositing SOL, the user’s assets are placed on a smart contract that will keep them at the highest possible yield.

The Solana network has an innovative structure that enables it to quickly verify transactions. Its decentralized nature allows it to generate new blocks every 400 milliseconds. SSU will be distributed to the holders of LPs and pools, as well as to all types of pools. In addition, Sunny Side Up uses an AMM protocol to combine yield optimization with an accelerated payout. The user’s 2% withdrawal fee will be used to buy back SSU.