Sunshine Biopharma (SBFM) Stock Doubled Today: What’s Going On?

Sunshine Biopharma (OTCMKTS:SBFM) made a major announcement with regards to the mechanism of action of its anticancer product Adva-27a and that has sent the stock soaring by 98%.

Sunshine Biopharma (SBFM) Stock Doubled Today: What’s Going On?

In the announcement, the company revealed that the product displayed two main activities. One was that it helped in evading P-glycoprotein and the other was the inhibition of Topoisomerase II.

The findings indicate that the product is capable of destroying cancer cells that contain P-glycoprotein and that is a significant finding since as much as half of all cancer cell types contain that. In addition to that, it should also be noted that resistance to a variety of medicines is the main challenge that is faced by medical experts.

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The primary reason behind that resistance is the presence of P-glycoprotein. Hence, the fact that Adva-27a can evade P-glycoprotein is such an important finding. It is now going to be interesting to see if the stock can continue to add to its gains through the rest of the week.

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