Sunshine Biopharma (SBFM) Stock Rebounds After The Recent Correction

On Monday the Sunshine Biopharma (OTC: SBFM) stock emerged as one of the notable gainers in the pharmaceutical sector.

The stock soared by as high as 22% on the back of heavy trading yesterday and it now remains to be seen if it comes on to the radars of investors over the coming days. Despite the impressive gains made by the Sunshine stock, it is necessary to note that there was no news regarding the company on Monday.

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The last important news about Sunshine Biopharma had emerged back on March 23 when the company made a significant announcement. The company announced that it has got a total of $2,054,000 out of the committed minimum financing that had been announced by RB Capital Partners Inc. The agreement with RB Capital Partners had been reached recently and the firm had committed to minimum financing of $2,000,000. The financing in question is going to be recognized as fixed-term convertible debt.

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