Super League Gaming (SLGG) Stock Forms Higher Highs And Higher Lows

Investors who are currently looking into the action in the premarket period could consider taking a look at the Super League Gaming (NASDAQ:SLGG) stock this morning.

Super League Gaming (SLGG) Stock Forms Higher Highs And Higher Lows

SLGGstock has soared by as much as 14% in premarket trading today and that might be related to the announcement of the company’s financial results for the fiscal first quarter earlier this week.

The company, which is a worldwide leader in the esports entertainment and video gaming space, managed to generate revenues of $788000 in the first quarter. That reflects a rise of as much as 224% year on year. On the other hand, the gross profit margins in the quarter went up by 475 basis points and hit 57%.

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The views and impressions that had been generated by Super League Gaming came in at 578 million as opposed to 199 million in the first quarter of last year. Last but certainly not least, the company reported registered users of 3.7 million at the end of the period. In the year-ago period, Super League Gaming had 1.3 million registered users.

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