SuperCom Announces New Project Worth 1 Million Dollars

SuperCom, a global provider of e-government and information technology solutions, announces that its subordinate Leaders in Community Alternatives has started a project to provide rehabilitative services to Central Coast California’s probation department. Privately owned, Leaders in Community Alternatives is a California-based organization that provides a variety of community-based services to government agencies. This project is a follow-up to an award that was announced in the same year. It was also successful through the various phases of the contract negotiation.


This new project launch is another example of how SuperCom’s strategy to expand its reach in California has strengthened its existing customer relationships. This project will help improve the effectiveness of the probation department’s programs and services. Supercom has been a global provider of secure solutions since 1988. Through its multi-million dollar e-government platform, it has inspired governments and organizations to introduce advanced digital identity solutions to their citizens and visitors. Supercom is a leading provider of secure communication technology solutions, offering a broad range of products and services.