Supernova Partners Stock Pops: What Should You Know?

Supernova Partners II stock in the pre-market rose by 1.54% and is worth $9.90. The company’s stock price indicators are stable. The biggest drop this year was on August 23, the value fell to only $9.68. Recently, Rigetti & Co. announced a merger agreement with the company to acquire Supernova Partners II, (SNII). When the transaction is completed, the public company will be called Rigetti Computing, Inc. Also, its ordinary shares will be listed on the NYSE under the ticker “RGTI”.

Rigetti is currently a leader in scalable quantum processor technologies. Scalability has been one of the biggest obstacles to bringing quantum computing to market, and Rigetti introduced its scalable superconducting chips in June 2021. Righetti will use the proceeds from the deal to finance the development of several generations of quantum processors and expand its commercial business. Righetti plans to increase his quantum computers from 80 qubits in 2021 to 1,000 qubits in 2024 and to 4,000 qubits in 2026.