SuperTrend Strategy Signals To Buy NIOBF Stock Within Hourly Time Frame

Niocorp is getting popular for merger with SPAC and plans to be listed in one of the US exchanges. Moreover, the company’s CEO Mark Smith just discussed rare earth minerals supplies on the Fox Business channel. He believes that China may not succeed in supplying the world with rare earth minerals, especially lithium, cobalt, and graphite due to its internal market’s increasing demand for them.

Suppose he is right in his forecasts. European and western mining companies are destined to enjoy the increasing demand for minerals. Therefore Niocorp (OTC: NIOBF) shares are trading in a higher volume.

niobf stock

Just a couple of months ago NIOBF was dead so it was impossible to trade its shares. Through September and this month, we are getting sell and buy signals from the SuperTrend strategy in TradingView. Finally, the stock has jumped over the $1 mark.