Survival Game Online’s The Most Important Updates That Will Make You Love This Game

Survival Game Online team has been developing the game in the past year and is going to launch it soon. It is a completely new type of survival game that can be played on PC and mobile phone, supporting 456 users to play at the same. The combination of blockchain and VR technology will bring a new era to the game industry. It will make the development of games more efficient. The old users who hold SQT will be rewarded with the new token SURV, and the reward ratio is 1:1. The specific time of mapping will be announced later.

In the future, more VR games will be launched. At present, there are a lot of people who have not been able to participate in the development of blockchain games. The Survival Game team is also working hard to develop and expand the game. The current version of Survival Game has more than 10 different maps, each with a different layout and gameplay experience. The map will be constantly updated in the future, so players can always enjoy a new experience.