Swanlana (SWAN) Blasts Off 1029% Today: What Is Swanlana?

At the moment, the cost of the token is $ 5.34, which is $ 4.8 more than a day earlier. In an hour, the cost skyrocketed from $ 0.51 to $ 7.68, with a profit of 1405%. After some time, the company jumped to a new price mark of $ 9, which is considered the highest price. Then it plummeted 59%. It has been ranging between $ 3.71 and $ 5.76. According to market statistics trading volume consists of $39,882.

3 Reasons to Invest in Crypto -- and 1 Reason Not to | The Motley FoolSwanlana is a decentralized, Exchange, an NFT Marketplace, bringing together social networks built on blockchain Solana. Solana was a simple choice due to scalability when choosing a blockchain to build on. Given the cost of payments for gas, most blockchains currently don’t have the capacity for the mainstream creators and fans to allow the transaction fees paired with buying an NFT. But Solana solves this problem. Fans will be able to invest, access, and earn from the limited-edition contents, created by the world’s biggest celebrities and influential people, and they are all based on the NFT. This is just the beginning for Swanlana. More information on this project is expected in the next few weeks.