Sweep Capital Is On Rally Since Listing On CoinMarketCap

Sweep Capital is a community-driven hedge fund that aims to invest in the crypto space and promote mutual aid. They are driven by passion and are committed to giving back to the community. The team is capable of identifying and developing new opportunities in the blockchain space. Due to the nature of these markets, it is very challenging for new investors to get started in these areas. Sweep Capital is there to help investors get started while taking advantage of the opportunities presented by them.

They provide a full range of capital management services to help investors assess all market opportunities. The treasury is funded by the tax paid on transactions made with SWEEP. Instead of paying fees to claim their SWEEP, they will return them to the holders through a reflection tax. This method of redistributing profits also eliminates the need for intermediaries. The three main markets offer different types of returns, and they can protect the treasury from any market downturn.