Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) Stock Jumps After Announcing The Third Quarter Report

The main factor in choosing the company is a quarterly report. The results of the quarter report determine will the company get new investors or investors will sell the shares of the company. Today, after TSM has announced beating expectations in the third quarter, the stock worth of the company has jumped by approximately 4%, which pushes the price indicator of the company at $113.88.

Furthermore, the company’s share price has earned $1.08, which is a 17% increase from the last year’s result along with it sales of the company have increased by 38%, representing $14.88 billion. Analysts expect the company’s revenue for the fourth quarter to be $15.4 billion to $15.7 billion, and a gross profit margin of 51% to 53%. The company’s growth is explained by the strong demand for its smartphone semiconductors.