TAL Education Announces The Appointment Of Dr. Alex Zhuangzhuang Peng As CFO

Yesterday, TAL Education fell by 2.01% and traded at $4.8700. the price today in the pre-market is $4.8800 (0.21%). For six months, the company’s stock has been falling rapidly. For instance, the price was $63 in April, but two months later, the price fell to $20.6200. TAL’s Board of Directors announced the appointment of Dr. Alex Huangzhuang Ping as CFO from November 1, 2021.

Dr. Rong Lo decided to take up the position of CFO from October 29, 2021, to take advantage of other opportunities. Dr. Luo will continue to work for the company as a senior consultant when he retires. Since March 2020, Dr. Peng has been TAL`s Vice President of Strategy. Dr. Peng has experience in corporate strategy and management. His previous professional experience includes working as a consultant and then as a partner at the global consulting company McKinsey & Company in Beijing, as well as the position of General Manager of Microsoft business Strategy in the Greater China region.