TAL Education (TAL) Stock Loses 12% For Today: Provides Update On Regulatory Development

Over the last five days, the stock is unstable, and it varied swiftly between $5.4350 and $5.0550. Last Tuesday, in one day, from $4.8900 to $5.4350 has surged; however, the next day, it dropped. Despite that, since August 20, it is moderately sinking from $5.4200 to $4.7600 by losing 12%.
TAL Education Group announced that the Beijing Municipal Government and the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Party have jointly released the measures by the Beijing Municipality to reduce the burden of homework and follow-up further. School for the compulsory education of students in Beijing August 14, 2021, and published the full text of the Beijing action August 18, 202.

Beijing steps have been taken to implement the views on the further relief of homework and extracurricular activities for compulsory education students. In July, the CPC Central Committee General apparatus and the General Office of the State Council will effectively reduce excessive homework workload by the end of 2021.

April Sanchez

Business and Tech Reporter